Flight Instructor Rating


Earning a Flight Instructor rating will provide an opportunity to develop skills for working with a variety of different people with different learning styles and expectations.

Planning skills will be well developed and accurate evaluative practices and record keeping will be a normal part of all flight activities. The developing instructor will learn to focus on achieving excellence in performance and clarity of understanding that can be used to assist others learning to be safe and competent pilots.

All theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to obtain a Transport Canada Flight Instructor Rating. Student will be qualified to act as a Flight Instructor in a Transport Canada approved Flight Training Organization.

Training Overview of Flight Instructor Rating Program

The Flight Instructor rating program in Delta, BC is divided into one on one Ground school and Flight Training. Ground school will furnish you with the required background knowledge and understandings to successfully challenge the Transport Canada written examination, while the air instruction and solo practice will provide you with the skills required to succeed at the flight test.

Flight Instructor Rating Admission Requirements

Medical Fitness

Valid Class 1 Aviation Medical

Commercial Pilot License

A valid Commercial or Airline Transport Pilot License

Ground School

Flight Instructor Theory

In a classroom environment, students will cover: being a flight instructor, the learning process, the principles of learning, oral questioning techniques, instructional techniques, the individual student, fault analysis, preparatory instruction, pre-flight briefings, class presentations and training aids, planning a flight lesson, preparing for and teaching the exercises included in the private pilot syllabus, teaching instrument flying, instructor privileges, and flight training administration. Students will role play as instructor as well as view the instructional techniques of other students and critique them. Throughout the course quizzes and tests will help the student to determine his progress. At the completion of this course the student should be ready to complete the Transport Canada written exam.

Flight Training

A minimum of 30 Dual hours of flight training required.

Flight Training – Dual

This course develops the students piloting skills to the required level. Also, skills to help the student learn how to teach a student the air exercises. Topics covered include: commercial review, right seat check out, teaching private pilot lessons, cross country techniques, teaching instrument flying and practice flight test. At the completion of this course (provided the written exams have been successfully completed) the student will be ready to undergo the Transport Canada instructor flight test

Program Cost of Flight Instructor Rating Program

Application Fee
Application Fee
Due to Covid-19 application fee is waived until further notice.
Pilot Kit
30 Hours * $265/hr
Pre/Post Briefings
25 Hours * $70/hr
Total Cost

Note: All rates for this Flight Instructor Rating Program are the same for domestic and international students.

Flight Training cost is based on Transport Canada Minimum on the Cessna 172 Skyhawk Plane. If any student exceeds these requirements due to their performance, the student will pay extra for any additional training. Any additional training will be charged at the same hourly rates as mentioned above. Pricing is subject to change.

Fuel surcharges will apply on top of these hourly rates. Taxes are applied where applicable. Administration fees will be applicable upon registration.

Duration of Flight Instructor Rating Program

Training is at the student’s pace and convenience and can start any time. The course will take 17 weeks to finish the endorsement. 



Flight Instructor Rating Certificate

Rating from Transport Canada

Flight Instructor Rating from Transport Canada after meeting CARS 421.69

Career Opportunity

Career Opportunity: Flight Instructor

Career Opportunity after Flight Instructor Rating Program

After successful completion of Flight Instructor Rating Program you can have a career as Flight Instructor


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Insignia College is an approved Transport Canada Flight Training Unit. This Flight Instructor Rating Program is regulated by Transport Canada. For more information, CLICK HERE.


Disclaimer: Flight Instructor Rating Program in Canada was reviewed and approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Post Secondary Education and Future Skills.

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