CAD Software

Insignia College offers the following CAD Software courses:

AutoCAD – Level 1

This course teaches students a basic understanding of AutoCAD and its use in 2D drafting. The basic skills taught include entering and using the drawing editor, setting up the drawing environment, the X-Y co-ordinate system, inputting points, basic AutoCAD terminology, selection sets, direct distance entry and object tracking, changing the properties of objects, zooming and panning around a drawing, orthographic projection, section views, constructing entities, drawing storage and retrieval, and layer and line-type options.

AutoCAD – Level 2

This course teaches students a higher level understanding of AutoCAD and its use in 2D drafting, as well as a brief introduction to 3D drafting. The higher level skills taught include planning a project, introduction to blocks, align and rotate, attributes and non-graphical information, creating blocks with attributes, hatching, and filling areas, working with text, polylines, layout tabs, parametric constraints, elevation drawings, introduction to 3D, working in 3D, isometric drawing, and viewing 3D objects.

Course No. Course Name Hours Cost
D100 AutoCAD – Level 1 50 (4 credits)* $750
D200 AutoCAD – Level 2 50 (4 credits)* $750