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Insignia College offers MS office software courses in Surrey BC. The duration of MS office software course at Insignia College Surrey BC is 4-6 weeks. In this MS office course we teach Microsoft Word Level 1, Microsoft Word Level 2, MS Excel Level 1, MS Excel Level 2, Microsoft PowerPoint – Level 1, Microsoft PowerPoint – Level 2, Microsoft Outlook. Our MS office course contains basic to advance level of skills to operate MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS outlook. For further queries regarding Insignia College’s MS office certification program in Surrey BC, contact us today!


Insignia College offers these MS Office Software courses in Surrey BC:

Microsoft Word – Level 1

This course teaches trainees the way to create, manage, format, preview and print basic word processing documents such as letters, sheets and forms, and other business documents such as publications and newsletters using core and intermediate features, and to apply formatting options, set tabs and indents, change the view mode, and manipulate text using copy and paste.

Microsoft Word – Level 2

This module teaches trainees intermediate skills to create more complex documents. Students learn the way to create and format tables, insert and modify pictures and shapes, merge data for mass mailings, and share documents. Students learn about automating merging tasks, referencing document sources, organizing, sorting and outlining information, protecting documents, and sharing and collaborating documents.

Microsoft Excel – Level 1

This module is designed to reinforce workforce skills. Trainees learn to create and edit professional spreadsheets for various purposes and requirements. Students work on work place problems using solutions applicable to professional environments.

Microsoft Excel – Level 2

This module teaches students to build on core skill sets with intermediate and advanced formatting functions to manage and audit numerical reports. Students learn to create and manipulate charts, work with different types of graphics, and examine methods to analyze, organize, link and share workbooks. Students investigate productivity tools to increase data entry and to use various commands to analyze large numerical reports.

Microsoft PowerPoint – Level 1

This module teaches students the way to create and edit slide show presentations, apply formatting options using templates, set layout options, tabs and indents, manipulate text, insert textboxes, pictures, clip art, transitions videos and add simple animations to accompany a speaker or to add on at a kiosk.

Microsoft PowerPoint – Level 2

This module teaches students intermediate and advanced to create complex multimedia presentation slide shows. Students learn to create, insert and format tables, insert and modify pictures and shapes, insert and play sounds and videos, create hyperlinks, attach actions to objects or text, use and customize animations, automate tasks, and collaborate on slide show presentations.

Microsoft Outlook

This module provides students with the skills to operate Outlook to manage their email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes.

Course No. Course Name Hours Cost
C110 Microsoft Word – Level 1  20 (1.5 credits) $350
C120 Microsoft Word – Level 2  20 (1.5 credits) $350
C210 Microsoft Excel – Level 1 20 (1.5 credits) $350
C220 Microsoft Excel – Level 2 20 (1.5 credits) $350
C230 Microsoft PowerPoint – Level 1 20 (1.5 credits) $350
C240 Microsoft PowerPoint – Level 2 20 (1.5 credits) $350
B165 Microsoft Outlook 2 $350

Disclaimer: This program of instruction does not require PTIB approval. As such, PTIB did not review this program. Students enrolled in a non-approved program may not make a claim against the Fund for all or part of their tuition.

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