Professional Development

Insignia College offers the following Personal Development courses:

Success Strategies

This module orients students to the expectations of college-level study and introduces strategies for success such as time management, goal setting, study skills, utilization of campus resources, critical thinking and note and test-taking skills. Students will be expected to demonstrate initiative and take responsibility for their decisions.

Employment Strategies

Students will learn to create professional resumes and cover letters. They will have the use of a job search lab which has unlimited internet access, a job search resource library and a fax machine and phone for contacting prospective employers. A facilitator will also be available to provide advice on job finding resources, interview skills /techniques, and mock interviews. Students will learn how to summarize verbally their core curriculum learning and to market their skills effectively.

Mindfulness and Meditation in the Workplace

Students will learn to empower themselves using the practice of mindfulness and meditation to be more aware of their priorities and objectives in the workplace, leading to less stress, increased productivity, improved work ethic, and a more enriching work environment. Note: This is an instructor-led course given at the workplace or at Insignia College.

Course No. Course Name Hours Cost
P110 Success Strategies  20 (1.5 credits) $350
P120 Employment Strategies  20 (1.5 credits) $350
P190 Mindfulness and Meditation in the Workplace  4 $799