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Insignia College Student

SELECT PROGRAM under Programs tab on our home page.


Please visit under each program to learn more about Admission Requirement for each Program as it is Program specific.


Click on Apply Now! tab under this page or it is also found under each program page.


You will receive an automated reply from admissions once we receive your Application Form. It will also tell you about the current processing times.


Visit under Program page to learn more about Tuition and pay your Tuition Fee. Get in touch with Advisor to learn more about method of payments accepted at Insignia College.

Prior to the beginning of each Program, you will have an Orientation session which could be Online or On-Campus.

You will select the courses and complete enrollment documents.

Welcome to Insignia Family! We look forward to see you on Campus!


Campus Tour

Let’s give you a virtual tour.

The Application Process


Start Online Application

Now that you are ready to complete your Insignia College application, we will guide you through each step.


Submit The Form

You must meet Insignia College’s admission requirements and your chosen program’s specific requirements.


Pay Application Fee

Finalize and submit your application, and pay the non-refundable application fee (differs for each program). Check your program details for exact amount.


Submit Required Documents For Admission

  1. Passport front and last page copies
  2. English Language Test Result Sheet
  3. Certified copies of Academic Qualification(s)

Await Our Response

We acknowledge your application by email within 7 days. This includes your student ID number in case you need to contact us about your application.


Last Decision


We are thrilled to offer you admission to Insignia College. You will receive your welcome package including your Letter of Acceptance and important deadlines.

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