Hospitality Management Diploma: Career Scope, Eligibility And Fee Structure

Hospitality Management Diploma: Career Scope, Eligibility And Fee Structure

Canadian Colleges offer a wide range of hospitality programs……..

Canadian Colleges offer a wide range of hospitality programs, hospitality operations certificates, and hospitality operations.

Each hospitality management course has been designed to deliver quality training programs to students with the competitive advantage of being prepared to work globally. Several hospitality operations are responsible for better management in the culinary disciplines, followed by guest assistance and event management.


There has been a massive scope of hospitality management diploma in Vancouver, Canada. You can earn good positions in this industry like an assistant manager in a hotel, front desk manager, hospitality administration assistant, guest host assistant, reservation worker, tourist home assistant, and many more.

The scope of the hospitality sector in Canada is growing for several reasons. Since the hospitality sector in Canada is dynamic, that attracts investors to invest a good amount. Moreover, the Canadian government is greatly boosting this hospitality sector.

With an increase in tourism in Canada, the demand for hospitality professionals is also increasing. which are attracting wide career opportunities globally.

career scope

Some of the Sectors and Their Scopes are Listed Below:-

Accommodation And Lodging

Lodging and accommodation have been the most popular sector for hospitality management professionals. This sector contributes value to all sizes of hotels. While defining the various career opportunities, it covers a large number of employees working in guest services, housekeeping, sales management, and human resource management.

Travel and Tourism

Since their presence spans the globe, travel and tourism are the most widespread and crucial sectors in hospitality management. These sectors are increasing with the increase in international tourism and generating the highest revenue and job opportunities.

Event Management

Regardless of the type of event and size of the gathering, events generate many opportunities for hospitality professionals. The event can be any family function, business meeting, concert, seminar, etc.

Event management expands opportunities across various roles like venue manager, house manager, program coordinator, event planner, catering service manager, and many more. Event management is picking up the pace and will become the frontrunner in the hospitality sector.

Food and Beverage

No matter what, the food and beverage industry has rarely fallen. Even with COVID-19, many industries are highly affected, but many sectors of the food industry remain unaffected.

Food and beverage is a large segment in Canada. The various career opportunities available in this sector are: restaurant manager, bar manager, kitchen manager, lead chef, supervisor, caterer, and so on. Hospitality management professionals working in this sector are the highest paid.

Depending upon their skills and experience, event management personnel can have salary expectations of up to $50,000 to $100,000 per annum. A travel and tourism manager can have salary expectations of up to $50,000 to $120,000 per year. Someone working in the beverage sector can expect to make up to $90,000 per year.


  • The minimum age requirement is 18 years of age or older.
  • For admissions in hospitality management, applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English through prior education at the grade 10 or higher level. You can use the English-language equivalent chart to help you.
  • In addition to this, the academic qualification must be 12th grade, GED, or mature student status.


There are various hospitality courses in Surrey, BC, that might be available for you.

  • Hospitality management diploma
  • Diploma in Hospitality Management with Co-op
  • Hospitality operations certificate

Fees for the above courses would begin around $10,000, depending on the type of course you have registered for, but this would not make a significant difference.

However, it also depends on the college to which you are applying.

The Hospitality Management Certificate in BC is designed for those who are looking to gain experience in this field without committing to a full degree program. It will provide you with the necessary knowledge to work in this industry.

The Hospitality Management Diploma Course is designed for students who are interested in learning about the various aspects of the hospitality industry. A diploma in hospitality management will teach you how to manage and run hotels, events, travel and tourism businesses, and other hospitality-related businesses.


Advantages of Hospitality Management Course

Dynamic Industry

Many people have the common misconception that growing your career in this sector means just greeting customers or serving meals. Hospitality management is a more dynamic, ever-evolving, and ever-green industry, encompassing various other fields such as tourism, events, the restaurant experience, and health and wellness.

Within each segment of hospitality, organisations have different departments and numerous job opportunities for highly educated professionals. Operations and customer services also involve sales and marketing segments.

Intercontinental Opportunities

Hospitality management is a great option if you are interested in having a global experience and are fond of exploring different locations, as many well-known businesses in the hospitality industry have established their offices across the world. By studying and working in the hospitality industry, you have the chance to explore different cultures globally.

Higher Employment Chances

Hospitality courses will equip you with advanced skills that help you understand the current trends and needs in the industry. These courses will inculcate people-handling and critical thinking skills as part of your daily life, and these are the required skills in the profession of hospitality. The more skilled you are, the more likely you are to be hired.


As recommended by Harvard Business Review, “growth opportunity” should be one of the critical factors when choosing a career option in any industry. Hospitality management jobs will help you grow personally as well as professionally.
Hospitality management courses not only help you socialise and network with other people, but they also provide you with dynamic opportunities to grow within a particular organization.

Heavy Perks

Although not every job in a particular sector is very well paid, if you are taking up a higher position, like a managerial position in any industry, including hospitality, chances are you will be getting high perks like a top-paid professional.

Employment Security

As the hospitality industry becomes ubiquitous, a large number of job opportunities are generated year after year. Hence, there is an increase in demand for hospitality management professionals in various segments.

Ignite Innovation

Since the pandemic’s impact, novel solutions and new business models such as online orders, virtual experiences, and contactless services have been speeding up. If you want to be part of this revolution and shape the future of hospitality with different business models, there is no better time to start your journey.

By earning a master’s degree in hospitality management from a reputed institute, you will be empowered with creative problem-solving and entrepreneurial thinking skills to transform businesses in the hospitality industry.

Inculcate Critical Thinking

Hospitality management is a profession where you will need to interact with different customers and might encounter some unique problems that need immediate solutions. The challenges you will encounter in hospitality management will help you broaden your mind, become quick on your feet, and push you to think outside the box. With all the exercises your mind will be put through, creative thinking will eventually become an inherent asset for you.


Qualities of Hospitality Management Professionals

  • You must be fully committed to making your clients satisfied. Putting in noticeable efforts would be recommended.
  • For admissions in hospitality management, applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English through prior education at the grade 10 or higher level. You can use the English-language equivalent chart to help you.
  • In addition to this, the academic qualification must be 12th grade, GED, or mature student status.

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Working in the hospitality industry is not just a job; it’s a lifestyle.
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