How to Get Enrolled in the Accounting & Payroll Administrator Program?

accounting and payroll

Enroll in our Accounting & Payroll Administrator Program in Canada today for a promising career in finance. Join us and embark on a path to professional success.

The accounting and payroll administrator program provides skills and knowledge in the field of accounting and payroll administration. This program is specially designed to meet the demands of businesses and organizations. To enhance your skills in fundamental accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll, the Accounting and Payroll Administrator program is a well-designed course for you.

Topics Covered in the Accounting and Payroll Administrator Program, Surrey, BC

accounting and payroll

Principles of Accounting

Get an introduction to basic accounting principles and practices. Also, understand the financial statements like balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.


You will get a brief introduction to the bookkeeping procedures that include transactions, ledgers, and accounts.

Payroll Administration

Understand the payroll process, compliance, and regulations, and familiarize yourself with software and systems for payroll.


You will gain some knowledge of the principles of taxation and also understand the deductions and credits.

Accounting Software

This program will help you train on some popular accounting software. You will learn to navigate and use software for various tasks.

Communication Skills

Through various activities, you will develop effective written and verbal skills to deal with clients, superiors, and colleagues.

Record Keeping

To ensure accuracy and compliance in records, you will be trained in this course. Effective record-keeping is essential for accurate financial information.

Human Resource Management

This will include the principles related to HR like payroll, personnel records, etc.

Through these courses, you will gain ample knowledge about business practices. You will professionally develop in your field. You will also be able to develop your skills in analyzing the data and identifying discrepancies. You will gain problem-solving skills and propose solutions to particular situations. Furthermore, you will have the necessary collaboration and teamwork skills to work in the office.

Career Opportunities After Course

Payroll Administrator

You can manage payroll processes and ensure accurate and timely payment of wages.

Accounting Supervisor

You can support accounting departments by managing records, processing transactions, and assisting in general tasks.

Bookkeeper Supervisor

You can handle bookkeeping tasks that include financial transactions, statements, and reconciling accounts.

Financial Analyst

Being a financial analyst, you will analyze the data, prepare the reports, and also provide insight into strategic decision-making.

Internal Auditor

With compliance with accounting standards, you can work with organizations to ensure the accuracy of financial records.

Tax Preparer

You can set your career as a tax preparer and assist businesses in preparing and filing tax returns.

Human Resource Manager

Utilize your HR knowledge and assist HR functions like employee onboarding, benefits administration, and record-keeping.

Financial Service Representative

Assist clients with their financial needs and guide them about financial planning and budgeting.


You can offer consulting services to businesses seeking advice on the accounting process, payroll management, and financial compliance.

Being an accountant and payroll administrator, you have a wide scope. You can also apply for government positions and explore government agencies at the federal, provincial, or municipal level. You can also start or manage your own business.

You can Enroll in Accounting and Payroll Administration at Insignia College with the following:

  • Initially, you need to meet admission requirements to enroll in the program. The minimum qualifications required are Grade 12, GED or mature student status. Also, you must have the required English proficiency. To learn more about this course, you can click here.

  • Then, you need to complete the application for the insignia college. If you are an international student, you can fill out the form available at One of our team members will contact you.

  • You can make a list of the queries you have and ask the team. Feel free to clear any query.

  • As per the guidance of the team, you will get a list of the documents that you need to submit.

  • Then, the interview will be conducted and you show your interest in this course.

  • Once you clear your interview, you will get confirmation. You will receive confirmation through email.

  • You must pay the fees before the deadline to confirm your seat. The approx. fees of this program are CAD 9,100 which will include application fees, course materials, textbooks, and tuition fees.If you are an international student, you need to talk to your immigration agent for visa application formalities, the confirmation letter given by Insignia College will help you to process your visa application.

Become an Accounting & Payroll Administrator!

This course will be approximately 500 hours. You will get a certificate, after completing the program. Individuals will be well-equipped to handle various accounting and payroll responsibilities. You will also prepare to pursue your further education. Insignia College will provide you with a relevant skill set to make sure you have success in your field. Our expert accounting and payroll educator will help you with practical and theoretical knowledge.

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