Insignia College Delta Campus Opening on May 25th 2020

Aeroplane noise is about to get louder!

We are returning to Canadian skies in just under two weeks.
All flight instructors and students are reporting for a day of COVID-19-related training at the Delta Campus on Monday, 2020-05-25.
Students: Flight lessons are to take flight on Tuesday, 2020-05-26 so keep an eye on the booking process. Expect things to take longer as physical distancing and sanitising procedures will be in place.
Every student MUST supply their own headset as it is not possible to properly sanitise headsets for sharing purposes. Start shopping for a new headset. Noise-cancelling headsets are best to protect your hearing.
Disposable gloves as well as reusable masks will be provided. Eye protection will be worn in the aeroplanes as well with more information on that soon.
Two new aeroplanes are being prepared to join the two on the flying line so it should be cool to see them all together!

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Insignia College has COVID-19 Safety Plan to protect anyone walking into our doors!
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