Why Do We Need Regular Maintenance on Aircraft?

Aircraft maintenance ensures the smooth functioning and safety of the aircraft. Maintenance of the aircraft includes oil changes, engine overhauls, inspections, checkups, mechanical parts, lubrication, and cleaning of instruments.

Aircraft maintenance ensures the smooth functioning and safety of the aircraft. Maintenance of the aircraft includes oil changes, engine overhauls, inspections, checkups, mechanical parts, lubrication, and cleaning of instruments.

Why maintenance is required?
  • Maintenance is required to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the asset.
  • To avoid sudden failure.
  • To ensure that operational integrity is not compromised.
  • Regular maintenance can save unnecessary expenses.

Unmaintained equipment can lead to sudden interruptions in production operations. So it becomes important to hire a good aircraft maintenance company in Vancouver.

Different types of aircraft maintenance: There are 4 basic types of aircraft maintenance engineer in Vancouver

  • Service maintenance of aircraft It includes the basic checkup, which can be done by staff before and during the regular flight. Pilots and crew make track of all the activity and issues. They will observe carefully and figure out to resolve such issues.
  • Line maintenance of aircraftThese types of maintenance tasks are executed by the flight line personnel. It includes pre-flight checks, checking fluids, and doing minor repairs. Line maintenance is comparatively easy to other types of aircraft maintenance.
  • Base maintenance of aircraftIt is also called heavy or depth maintenance. It includes tasks that are more intensive and more in-depth. It includes over-hauls, modernization, and inspection programs. It is long-lasting and performed less frequently.
  • Depot maintenance of aircraftIt includes various repair and replacement services where parts are removed from the aircraft and sent to workshops. Various aircraft parts like engines may require this kind of service.

Different kinds of Inspection


50 or 100-Hour Inspection

To ensure the safety of the passengers before the flight takes off, aircraft must undergo 50 or 100-hour inspection.

What things are covered in 50 or 100 hours of inspection?

–          Oil change after every 50 hours.

–          Inspecting and cleaning spark plugs.

–          Checking for any depreciation issues.

–          Proper inspection of the cockpit.

–          Checking for any malfunction in the seatbelt.

–          Inspecting the cabin functioning.

Annual Inspection

As the name suggests, this inspection occurs once a year and is mandatory for all aircraft. It is more detailed than a 100-hour inspection and it consists of the following parts:

–          Examining and testing the engine.

–          Remove damaged parts.

–          Inspecting flight avionics.

–          Flight control.

–          Evaluating aircraft logbooks.

Progressive Inspection

It occurs at regular intervals that are after every 25 to 50 hours. In this only certain components are examined like panels, screens, and other small parts.

It is necessary for flights of high usage like corporate or flight schools.

Pre-flight Aircraft Inspection

It is carried out before taking off the flight to check for any malfunction or problem.

It involves 2 components

Cabin inspection which includes a registration certificate, airworthiness certificate, weight and balance data, and radio station license.

Exterior inspection includes cleaning windows, checking the fuel quantity, checking and cleaning the exhaust pipes so that there is no obstruction, testing rigged control, tightening any loose bolt or nut, and checking propellers for any oil leakage.

Benefits of Regular Aircraft Maintenance:

✔️ Increasing Passenger Safety: The most crucial reason for maintaining the aircraft is the safety of the passengers. Regular maintenance helps to identify potential problems. Individuals can take corrective actions before it become serious and prevent causing accidents or injuries.

✔️ Reputational Reasons: Yes, safety is the topmost reason for the maintenance of the aircraft. Keeping the safety of the passengers at the top can maintain the reputation. It maintains the loyalty of the customer and satisfies them. This can increase customer retention.
The more you focus on the customer’s safety, the more you gain a reputation.

✔️ Boost Aircraft Performance: Regular inspection and maintenance of aircraft will help ensure that aircraft stay serviceable. It also ensures that aircraft engines perform at the peak level. Before the flight, doing a fundamental analysis will ensure that everything is operational and can result in considerable improvements in terms of performance and power and that any issues don’t come up at the time of the trip.

✔️ Extending the life of Aircraft:Aircraft maintenance company in Vancouver is an important part of keeping them safe and operational. By understanding the various aspects of aircraft maintenance, such as inspection, repair, and replacement of parts, we can extend the lifespan of an aircraft and reduce costs associated with frequent repairs or replacements.

✔️ Cost Savings in the Longer Term: Without a proper maintenance plan, aircraft will be more vulnerable to issues and disturbances. If the aircraft is not maintained frequently it will be more cost-effective in the long run. The whole process can be expensive and time-consuming in the short run, but the cost savings, in the long run, are worth it.

Why do we Need Maintenance of Aircraft?

Ethical Responsibility: It is the ethical responsibility of pilots to fly safely and professionally. Any negative news about the aircraft can ruin the image of the entire industry. Keeping the airplane maintained properly gives you the best possible chance to reach your destination without any worry.

To Maintain Report: After maintenance, the maintenance team will provide you with a report about the issues and actions. Aircraft owners have to maintain the whole report. This report also include the time consumed by the maintenance team to resolve the issue.

This report can also aware of how long it has worked efficiently and how long it will.

What is Unplanned Aircraft Maintenance? Is it Necessary?

Unplanned aircraft maintenance is a kind of unforeseen problem that can occur anytime a problem arises. It can occur anytime before, during, or after the flight. In such cases, special technical skills are required to avoid worse situations.

Examples of Unplanned Aircraft Maintenance are:

  • Issues with tires.
  • Problem with the airplane’s engine fan blade.
  • Problem with the vacuum pump

When found a problem cabin crew must report the issue to the technical team. After the plane land at the nearest airport and the technical team will verify the issue and resolve it.

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