Yorkville University

Take a flight from Hospitality management diploma at insignia college and have a smooth landing at Yorkville University

Insignia College has collaborated with Yorkville university for a better education journey. Start your education journey by having the hospitality management Diploma at Insignia College and getting an opportunity to pursue your Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Students have to meet the admissions requirements outlined by Yorkville University and then can transfer up to 24 credits from Insignia college towards BBA.

  • Scholarship of upto $3000
  • PGWP of upto 3 years
  • 24 Credit transfer to BBA
  • Duration: as little as 2.5 years

Eligible Insignia College Programs

Obtain valuable dedicated career training, transfer up to 24 credits towards bachelors’(BBA) towards Yorkville university. 

To know your eligibility to stay and work in Canada, please feel free to contact our admissions representatives or visit: www.cic.gc.ca 

To learn the procedure and for more information, fill out the REQUEST INFO form. 

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